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3D Animation of the OGAP-OPL Prosthesis System


The Osseointegration Group of Australia

We take care of your mobility.

The Osseointegration group provides a team approach to assist those with above-the-knee amputations with the possibility of mobility using the newest innovation in the field of thigh prostheses, the OGAP-OPL.  From the initial meeting to surgery, and then quality after care with rehabilitation, physiotherapy and pain management your desire for mobility and active participation in all areas of life is our top priority.

How can we help you?

Osseointegration is "the structural linkage made at the contact point where human bone and the surface of a synthetic, often titanium-based implant meet. Also called osteointegration."

An OGAP-OPL recipient talks about how it has changed his life:


John Hilton's miracle leg helps his cat


JOHN HILTON'S gain is his cat's loss. When the Canberra amputee talks about the revolutionary robotic prosthetic he received last year, he can't get over how normal it makes him feel.

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New Legs for Shona


Ten years ago, a car accident robbed Shona Muckert of both her legs. Unable to wear standard prosthetics, Shona is now hoping to raise the money for a pair of high-tech robotic legs.

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Inspiring tale of former refugee Dr Munjed Al Muderis and war hero Michael Swain


MICHAEL Swain was just 20 years old on November 8 in 2009 when he triggered an insurgent bomb in southern Afghanistan and lost both his legs.

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From Penniless Prisoner to Bionic Surgeon

Women's Weekly, November 2013


He’s a miracle worker who fits amputees with radical robotic limbs. Yet just how did he escape his life in war-torn Iraq to become a Porsche-driving Sydney surgeon? Clair Weaver reports.

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Something that is important to me by Greg Felton

3 November 2013 - Greg speaks about his Dad's impending surgery for his Year 4 Public Speaking Competition.


My bionic leg changed my life

Women's Weekly, Oct 24, 2013


Mitch Grant had resigned himself to a painful and inconvenient life after losing his leg in a motorcycle accident — but everything changed when he got a new bionic limb courtesy of surgeon A/Prof Munjed Al Muderis.

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