Join with colleagues from across the globe, and learn from the leading experts in the challenging field of deformity correction and limb reconstruction.

The conditions addressed by these methods can be considered some of the most complex pathology an orthopaedic surgeon will ever face. The most severe pathology is often unique to the developing world, including neglected fractures, congenital anomalies, and limb-threatening infections. You will have ample opportunity to exchange ideas with your peers regarding the more difficult problems faced by you and your patients.

This will take place in a dynamic environment, to foster synergism between the participants. The Congress has been designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas, with the goal to stimulate new research initiatives and advance the industry through clinical collaboration.

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The Symposium welcomes both international and local speakers to present on:

Patient selection & diagnostics

  • Trauma vs. Tumor vs. Vascular vs. Congenital
  • Selection criteria and technical restrictions

Surgery & Implant development

  • Single stage vs. two stage surgical procedure with accelerated rehabilitation
  • Arthroplasty applications with Osseointegration implant protocol


  • Prosthetics and management for the Osseointegration patien
  • Physiotherapy regimes and results with accelerated protocols

Follow-up & complication management

  • Our Pain management in Osseointegration, observations and data
  • The Australian & European experience

Outcome & Database

  • Demographic data, functional evaluation, gait analysis and energy expenditure data collection
  • Clinical results from single and multiple centre studies


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